From Planners to a Bullet Journal: The Switch

After reflecting upon my first semester at a 4-year university (see: I Survived Finals), I came to the conclusion that I was more stressed than I should have been… which was mostly caused by not efficiently managing my time.

This previous semester, I used a Victoria’s Secret PINK planner; which was so cute, but didn’t allow me the space or flexibility I need to keep track of everything. And I’m one of those people that will completely forget something if I don’t write it down.

To track my habits, diet, exercise, events, and due dates in one place AND have the freedom to create my own layout and doodle wherever…
I’m already feeling excited for 2018.

But, I do still have to figure out how to keep the ink from smudging… #LeftyProblems

Someone knows the lefty struggle.

Do you have a lot of experience with creating bullet journals? Or are you thinking about starting out? I’d love to get some feedback! 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Hannah @ Habitesque


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