Gifts: A Guessing Game

Every year the holiday season rolls around, we feel obligated to purchase items for our loved ones to show how much we care.

Our loved ones could give us a wishlist or tell us what items they’ve been yearning to have around their house. With a vast variety of models and colors, how do we know if we’ve picked the specific item they’ve been looking for?

When you’ve received a gift that was on your wishlist for a while, was it exactly what you wanted? Perhaps you got the Harry Potter book set you’ve been wanting, but you received the hardcover set… and not the softcover set you’ve been craving to get your hands on.

The problem is, nobody can step inside of our minds and see images of items we want, exactly as they are. Buying gifts is a guessing game, at best.

I believe that the best gift you can give someone is money. Sure, it sounds boring to give and boring to receive, but it’s the most valuable and versatile thing a person can own. If you give someone money this holiday, they could add it to a fund for something they’ve been really excited about (e.g. vacation fund, new car fund, etc.) or they could simply buy a product exactly as they have imagined it.

To me — receiving money as a gift says, “I respect you and I am willing to invest in you and your future purchases.” And that (regardless of the amount), is the most valuable thing somebody could give me.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah @ Habitesque


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