Out There: An Introduction

After spending my life absorbing other people’s ideas, I feel like it’s my turn to put my ideas out there. From reblogging others’ posts to sharing my own posts, I’m transitioning away from absorbing others’ ideas and into emitting my own ideas.

Being a child that grew up rather sheltered, I’m still learning things about life that a person my age might already be aware of. I’m here to share my first-hand experiences so that others like me do not have to learn by experience, but can read these posts and already feel more equipped to handle these situations.

These posts will range from surviving episodes of depression, to surviving that next exam; from learning to enjoy moments of solitude, to joining clubs and meeting new people; from learning time-management methods, to learning effective relaxation methods. Knowledge of topics like these have the power to improve the quality of someone’s life — I’m just here to save you time.

I hope you find value in my blog and can implement more value into your already wonderful life. Thank you for reading.

Hannah @ Habitesque


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